Why we Need Facial Oil in our lives!


Facial Oils

So if you are new to facial oils as part of your beauty routine you may be confused as to how to use oils and when to use them, (so thats probably 80% of the population)!. Should you apply your moisturiser before your oil and vice versa? Are you able to use your oils morning and night? It seems that everyone has an opinion on facial oils, so we are going to explain how to layer your skin care which may give you a clue as to how and when to use oils in your skin care routine.

So skincare is always best when you layer from thinest to thickest, so sticking to this formula we first use toner, then facial mist, serum, followed by moisturiser and then your facial oil (in this order)! The reason why you would use the oil last is that if you applied the oil first the moisturiser would not be able to penetrate into the layers of the skin (due to the thickness of the oil). Makes sense right!!

Time of Day

So depending on the time of day will depend on the condition of your skin. Generally at midday your sebem secretion (sebum being an oily substance screwed by our sebaceous glands),will start to decline and be the lowest late evening, which is why oil is best applied at night.

If you have dry skin it may also be beneficial to apply a few drops before your makeup and then again at night. The best way to apply an oil is to use 2 or 3 drops and just tap gently onto the skin and let it soak into your skin.

Organic Facial Oil

Our organic facial oil was developed to ensure the maximum amount of moisture is able to be fed back into the skin. The oil is suitable for all skin types but especially beneficial for dry mature skin due to the omega rich oils and natural source of vitamins and antioxidants which will help the skin to repair and re-hydrate. The oil will notably form a barrier/shield from any nasties but will also feed skin with the nutrients it needs to restore itself to overall health.

The main components of the Facial Oil are Pomegranate, Marula and Rosehip, which all work together to treat skin concerns such as dryness and dullness. 

Facial Oils are a new part of our beauty routine and we are loving the results.

Much love and health xx

Miss LA Soaps